The future of MRI’s and Cat Scans

CAT scans and MRI scans are very vital in giving relevant information about possible tumors and metastasis – spread of cancer. They are imaging methods that are used in monitoring the different stages of cancer so as to give the appropriate medicines. This is just like ecommerce software that can be used in serviced offices by a hotel in italia that offers services similar to Drakensberg accommodation with nice floor designed by San Diego floors Company.

Computed tomography is basically a series of x-rays in slices through the body which are consequently analyzed by the computer which then constructs an image or photo from the data. This image shows the accurate position of a tumor, its shape and whether it is solid or hollow. However, this type of test is unable to show whether the tumor is cancerous or not. Only a biopsy can accurately record this.

Magnetic resonance imaging scans (MRI) on the other hand, entail use of magnets rather than x-rays to produce the image. The more, the stronger magnetic fields cause the atoms of the body to act in response and the emissions are detected by the scanner. These are analyzed and an image is produced. MRI scans produce clearer images for tissues than CT scans. However, for some tissues MRI are clearer than the CT scans. These are just like home security systems that give information on the home safety or prom dresses like wetsuits that are useful for swimming practices.

CAT scans have some challenges (just like the challenges that most of us are facing when using C9 christmas lights for decorations) in that one may find whereby the drink given is just before the unpalatable scan. The contrast medium can also be given through vein or port. MRI’s, on the other hand, is harder to differentiate inflammation and scar tissue form tumors on its image. It is not usable for any people who have mental implants in their body. MRI is more expensive than CAT scans and individuals who find enclosed places uncomfortable have difficulties with these kinds of scans.

Technology has seen the entrance of a new wave of type of scans that put together two kinds of technology: CAT and positron Emission Tomography scans (TEP). TEP employs radio active positively charged particles that detect dissimilarity in metabolic and chemical activity in the body. The new PET Combo scans or NEW CAT scans give the best mages and is capable of giving information on small clumps of cancer cells of the PET. However, this new technology is not widely available in many hospitals, although many have plans under way of acquiring this new technology.
Based on the new technological advances, there is a promising future in the world of cancer scans. However, there are no signs yet of doing away with MRI and CAT scans. The only option available presently is improvements in the technology available. This is just like using best anti wrinkle cream for a sixty year lady