Ways to Improve Brain Memory

It’s a known fact that when someone retires after working their whole lives they go downhill in terms of their memory, this is due to the fact that they are not using their brain as they used to.

Whether you are a student, a stay at home mother, a doctor or a pensioner, you can keep your brain memory in tip top shape with a few simple steps:

Get Enough Sleep

It’s a proven fact that lack of sleep lowers brain memory. If you want a good memory then you need to ensure you get adequate sleep each night. Think of it as home remodeling, every few years your home may need a face lift, well every night your brain needs a rest to be ready for the events of the next day.

Regular Exercise

Another little known fact is that people who exercise on a regular basis have improved brain memory. A little cardio vascular exercise can go a long way, it gets your heart pumping pushing blood to all your vital organs including your brain. You don’t have to spend endless hours at the gym. Just a thirty minute brisk walk a few times a week will have your brain functioning well again. Think of it as working capital, every time you exercise you are funding your brain.


Laughter is a wonderful medicine. A good night of fun and laughter with friends and family has proven to increase brain memory. Laughter really gets your body working, you will feel elated and in turn your brain will be happy and remembering things like never before. You probably felt this way when you applied for Reclaim PPI, the money came through and you were rolling on the floor with delight, your memory probably increased after that.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Brain food is what you need when trying to improve your brain memory. A dog in a dog harness is restricted on what it can achieve, it may want to run the hills with other dogs, but is held back by it’s harness. Well the same applies to your brain, if you are not eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, then you are starving your brain thereby decreasing your brain memory.

Challenge Yourself

There is nothing like a good challenge to get your brain functioning. Now I’m not talking about doing an obstacle race, but rather do the crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper or the Sudoku puzzle in the magazine. Challenge yourself mentally as often as possible. Maybe you’re struggling to find a floral delivery victoria bc, well find one, set yourself that challenge and find what you need.

Always Pay Attention

If you pay attention to what people say or how things are done, you will absorb this information. Your brain should be like a PPI calculator, working out things and figuring out problems and most of all, it should be remembering things that are important. With increased brain memory the sky is the limit.